Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Something a little different

 So, since I know Vendla Branble in real life, I decided to finally start reading her series Blood Hunt. 

Which, again, since I know the author, I'll be trying to keep personal things out of this. 

The set up is a speculative future, where events over the next few centuries take odd turns, and certain people are born with psychic powers and are call Bloods.  In the era this is set in, the east and west coasts as well as western Alaska are under a Russian style socialist government, while the vast middle is part of Free America. 

The majority of the novel is following Kele-De McMahon, a Blood with almost every psychic ability imaginable by the end of this. She's paired with 1st Lieutenant Michael Yamoto in the Free America Corps for what starts as a series of extraction missions, but what turns into a vengeance operation by the end. 

Essentially, it starts with an extraction, goes into a find the person hunting certain descendants with Blood Powers, and winds up chasing the big bad in Africa. 

So, while it took me a while to get through (not due to the writing, but due to personal issues that curtailed my ability to read recreationally) it was a good read. Yeah, I think the big bad could have been stretched out into an arc over a few volumes, but there's enough set up for more that this isn't a big deal. Some of the formatting took me a bit to adjust to, but given a manuscript I'm working on has similar issues at the moment, we'll take that as a lesson learned. While there are a few things in here that I caught mainly due to knowing the author, normal readers would likely not notice them, not that they detract from the narrative.

 Honestly, worth the read. 

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