Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Fi-diddley-dee, a sailor's life for me

So, book 13 of Seanan McGuire's October Daye novels finally landed, and I finally finished The Unkindest Tide.

The basic set up is Octopber and friends travel out to a knowe/demesne out in the Pacific so that Luidaig can keep her promise to restore her children, the Roane, from those who wear their skins, the Selkies.

What we end up with is a mild murder mystery topped with the overthrow of Saltmist by Dianda's brother. We also get to meet the Firstborn of the Merrow in the process. Oh yes, and a bonus novella at the end shows us Raj's fun while everyone is at sea, and gives us a date of 2014 when all this is going on.

Honestly, it's a fun read, which again succeeds in humanizing the Sea Witch, and giving us a few plot hooks for future volumes, as October has to make a deal with Luidaig to go save Saltmist early on.

I'm always amazed as how entertaining this series is as it stretches onwards among the author's many projects.

(As a side note, while I did start a new book, if I don't finish it by Monday, it will be paused as I read a different book as part of an online book club. Updates may be spotty.)

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