Sunday, July 7, 2019

Why are we out of Rum?

I need to go watch Pirates of the Caribbean again, since I'm running out of Captain Jack quotes, and I just realized that between 4 more volumes of the  Cloakmaster Cycle and the two books I just got from the library all having nautical themes, I'm going to need them.

Anyway, it would seem that all 6 books of the Cloakmaster Cycle have different authors, which does mean that book 2, Into the Void, has some major tonal differences from its predecessor, making me wonder if this is going to be a case of Naked Came the Stranger in RPG format.

Anyway, we pick up with Teldin Moore as the Gnomish ship he's flying on is getting ready to leave Krynnspace. Sadly, the gnomes get attacked by more Neogi. Teldin happens to be out on a longboat when the attack happens, leaving him and 3 of the gnomes stranded as the gnomeship make evasive maneuvers.  Thankfully, they get picked up by a Hammership crewed by mostly humans, captained by Estriss, an Illithid.

The Probe is bound for Realmspace, specifically the island of Rauthaven, where Estriss is looking to buy strange artifacts at an auction. Which does take us out of Krynnspace and into the Flow for the first time. We learn bits of Teldin's cloak's powers, like the ability to change his appearance, which Teldin does end up doing in Realmspace, after the Probe rescues a stranded ship.

Once again, the Neogi attack, although this time we find out they have a spy on the Probe.

In the end Teldin gets betrayed by at least 3 people, as just about everyone except for some of the crew wants the cloak.

 Fun read, and it looks like the next book will explore areas that are specific settings for SpellJammer, which should be interesting.

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