Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The pitcher now lies empty

So, as I have now finished Sharon Green's Prophecy, the last book in The Blending quintet, I can put in a few reserves at the library. Which I have, they just haven't come in yet.

Anyway, We're again dealing with the heroic 5 (Jovvi, Lorand, Rion, Vallant, and Tamrissa) and their friend Naran as they return to Gan Garee from the Western edges of the Empire, and the Evil 5, (Bron, Selendi, Delin, Homin, and Kambil) as they struggle to maintain a grip on running the Empire.

Starting with the bad 5, the power struggle between Kambil and Delin is much at the forefront again, particularly after al of them but Delin get poisoned as part of a Nobility blackmail scheme. Which allows Delin to show that he's shaken off the control Kambil had him under. Both use heavy handed techniques that continue to destroy any chance they had at keeping the five fold throne.

The Heroic 5, on the other hand, start off in Lorand's hometown of Widdertown, explaining about the pursuing Astindian army, coming to raze Gan Garee in their wake. Along the way, Lorand makes peace with his father, the guild of the talentless lets us know more about who they are and what they do, and Naran finally reveals HER heretofore unknown talent of Sight. Which means she's now able to make it a sixfold blending.

The guild members have no magic of their own, but can tell range and power levels on others. They've also been mostly plotting to bring the Heroic 5 to the throne, since they match the description in The Prophecies. For the most part. A minority think keeping the Nobles in power would be a grand idea, but we really don't get much about them here. (They get more of a role in the follow up trilogy.)

By the time the confrontation with the Evil 5 comes around, it's actually quite anti-climactic The 5 confront the 5 and various hostages. It's not until after that (as Rion takes over narration duties temporarily) that the real climax plays out, as the Astindian Blending come within reach of Gan Garee and the Heroic 6 must make their stand. The resolution they come up with is both proper and Draconian, ultimately setting the stage for the follow up trilogy, particular since this ends with some contradictory information about the 300 year old prophecies.

It's been fun re-reading this series, and I have the follow ups coming eventually. (The problem with buying used via Amazon is that shipping can be anywhere between 7-21 days.)