Monday, September 14, 2015

Mmm, blood roses and silence.

Well, given Seanan MacGuire has like 3 other series going plus a few hundred other projects, I was kind of surprised to see a new October Daye novel appear recently. Very pleasantly surprised, but still, surprised.

So anyway, long story short, mainly because I'm starting my vacation tomorrow and I have to be up early, October and crew wind up traveling from Mists in San Francisco to Silences in Portland after Silences declares war on Mists. Complicating this is that the former queen of silences, now missing her Siren essence, who put King Rhys on the throne in Silence, is now sitting beside him in Silence.

Toby is not a diplomat, but gets sent as one. Which goes over not particularly well.

Again, this series remains a fun read. I'm glad she returned to it. She also gets props for hinting around at one character getting ready to come out, and finding out that one of the other characters started life off with one gender, but has since transitioned into another. While I know some readers will see that as gratuitous, it honestly is just another piece of said characters in novels involving a King of Cats, a half-fairie who does magic with blood, and one really angry sea witch.

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