Thursday, January 30, 2014

This is why AfterMASH lasted maybe 6 episodes.

This promises to be as brief as the book itself was.

After Dead by Charlaine Harris is the wrap up of the OSuthern Vampires, detailing what happened to just about everyone in and around Bon Temps (or from other vampire kingdoms who got mentioned throughout the series.)

I was expecting more in the way of narrative; instead, it's an alphabetical by last (or only name) encyclopedia giving each character usually a sentence to a paragraph detailing how their live progressed after Dead After After. Some of the bigger players (Sookie, Bill, Eric, and Sam) get a page to a page and a half.

As nice as it is to know more of the fates of those who we're leaving behind, I kind of wish this wasn't published, since Dead After After left it so we the readers could make up our own endings. (On the other hand, maybe this will kill some of the Bill/Eric poorly written slashfic out there.)

And a few entries hint that maybe more will be written about those specific characters. Which would be good, since the setting itself is interesting, and following around someone other than Sookie could be fascinating.(Hell, I'd read a one shot following Pam around, just because she's so off the wall.)

As a side note, I'm about half way through my actual book, so that review will hopefully land next week. This is more or less a one off, since it took me about 45 minutes to read while I was doing some other things.