Monday, April 22, 2013

Family matters

So, book #2 was a return to Seanan McGuire's InCryptid series, with Midnight Blue-Light Special. Verity Price is at it again, trying to save the cryptids from an impending purge by the Covenant of St. George. Thankfully, her occasional boyfriend, Dominic informs her of their impending inspection of readiness for a purge prior to their arrival. Unfortunately, since he's part of the Covenant....

What follows is more exploration of Verity's private life, working at a cryptid cabaret, dealing with a man she loves and hates...

And then gets kidnapped halfway through by one of her relatives from the branch of the family that stayed in the covenant. Which transitions the narrative to the Cuckoo cousin, who takes over narrative duties for a time.

Really, this one was less of an extension of the first volume, and more a chance to finish off Verity's story for a time. A note at the end of the book states the next book will be following around one of the cousins, which, while sad, will hopefully allow for some less.... condensed plotting. Because really, I felt like the plot would get derailed in exposition, followed by a couple pages of intensity, only to fall back into the quagmire.

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